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Smell to lose weight

According to research, people who lose their sense of smell tend to gain weight. However, my research focuses on overweight individuals who have successfully lost weight using a pen-like inhaler to smell food aromas. Inhaling food scents tricks the brain into thinking that the body is consuming food, which reduces hunger and eliminates the anxiety that often leads to overeating.

Using a scented pen to induce weight loss has proven to be more manageable and challenging to maintain than special diets, exercise regimens, and appetite suppressants.

To incorporate scent therapy as a weight loss strategy, individuals should try sniffing their food before eating and inhaling deeply to ensure scent molecules reach the olfactory bulb. Chewing food thoroughly releases more scent, making one feel less hungry. Fresh, hot, unprocessed foods smell more than canned or packaged foods. Adding pungent herbs or spices to bland foods also helps with aromatherapy exercise.

Individuals can always purchase and carry inhalers, sticking to their favorite food scents. However, individuals with asthma or migraine headaches should not use an odor inhaler as it may worsen their condition.

Eating a small salad before a meal is a natural appetite suppressant, increases fiber intake, and is low in calories. Consuming mixed vegetables with various colors and using oil and vinegar as a dressing helps lower blood sugar and insulin, fulfilling hunger feelings. High-quality olive oil supports the body's nutrient absorption and improves the digestive system, thus preserving a complete feel.

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